Plant-based clumping

We love animals

The owner of Biocat is a longstanding monthly donor to several animal charities.

We currently donate a considerable amount of Biocat’s profit to animal charities.  We also provide rescues with product at cost price.

Environmentally Friendly

Purrrfect for the planet…

  • Our tofu cat litter is a plant based biodegradable product.
  • It’s a sustainable by-product of the tofu making process.
  • It can be disposed of as garden mulch.
  • The package is made from eco-friendly recyclable material.
  • Biocat tofu litter lasts 3 times longer than recycled paper litter.
  • It is lightweight – reducing transport emissions.

Economical & efficient

Our tofu cat litter uses 3 times less than most paper litters!

Biocat litter’s exceptional clumping ability prevents the entire litterbox from being contaminated.

Time saving – no need to change the tray as often, just scoop out the soiled clumps daily and top up.

Hygienic & Safe

Naturally eliminates odour…

Biocat litter’s rapid absorption enables your cat’s paws to remain clean and dry.

Our tofu cat litter features natural odour control.

It is non-toxic, contains no chemical additives and is 100% safe for your cat to use.