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Biocat Tofu Litter is a plant based clumping cat litter.

Warning: As a safety precaution we do not recommend any clumping litter for kittens as they may eat it and cause a blockage.

Economical and Efficient – Exceptional clumping ability prevents the entire litter box from being contaminated.  The superior quality and outstanding efficiency of Biocat litter means you don’t need to change the tray as often.

Environmentally friendly – Plant based biodegradable product.  Package is made from eco-friendly material.  Sustainable byproduct from the tofu making process.  Creates minimal waste.

Hygienic and safe – Biocat litter’s rapid absorption enables your cat’s paws to remain clean and dry.  It naturally eliminates odour, is  non-toxic and safe with no chemical additives and virtually dust free.

Ingredients: 70% Okara, 20% Corn Starch and 10% Guar Gum.

4 kg / 7 Litres